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Shane Hughes: Water Polo, Google, and Senior Year

Shane Hughes is a senior political science major and entrepreneurship minor. He plays on the men’s water polo team, is a Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Hackworth Fellow, and is an Embrace diversity training leader. Last summer, he interned at Google in Austin Texas, and he will be joining Visa full-time after graduation in a rotational program.


In this conversation, we discuss Shane’s journey through college, what he learned from his internships, his business ideas, and what’s special about senior year.

Shane 1.JPG

Interview Notes

4:35 – How did Shane decide what activities and interests to pursue in college?


5:50 – What business ideas Shane would pursue if he got funding?


10:05 – Shane’s first internship experiences


12:30 – Shane’s internship at Google


14:50 – How working at Google informed how Shane is thinking about his career


16:50 – Shane and Gavin share their takes on what makes senior year unique


18:55 – Shane’s answers to the final 4 questions

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