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Norman Paris: Exploring Math in the Real World

Norman Paris is a lecturer of physics and mathematics at Santa Clara. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from UC Davis. In this conversation, we cover why someone should study advanced math, why he loves teaching, and his career journey.

“Question what is given or shoved down your throat. There are so many outlets to gain information—we should pause and ask ourselves if something seems right. Is it a feeling or bias that I have? Or is this what the numbers state?”

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Interview Timestamps

1:30 – Why study Calculus?

2:35 – Norman’s favorite part of teaching

3:30 – How math connects to all disciplines

6:00 – The importance of statistics

9:15 – How Norman decided to study math and teach

11:45 – Memorable moments from graduate school

15:05 – My final 4 questions

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