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Heather Bucy: Homelessness is Solvable and We Can Help

Heather Bucy is the Director of Santa Clara County Shelters & Services at LifeMoves—a nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness in Silicon Valley. LifeMoves operate 23 shelter locations from Daly City to San Jose, and provide essential services, case management, and community outreach. LifeMoves serves over 9,350 men, women and children each year in their diligent work to return to long-term stable housing.


As you may imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic poses additional problems and challenges for homeless populations. LifeMoves’ work is more important than ever, and they have a special page about how you can help people experiencing homelessness at this time on their website. Go to to learn more.  

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Interview Highlights

"It’s more about conversation and being seen. They are the most interesting stories, and people are used to being ignored. When a client is allowed to tell their story, it connects and they feel validated. For people that don’t know where to start, start there with a conversation. People are grateful to be heard."

4:30 – Heather shares stats on homelessness in the area

5:30 – How do we balance regulations and compassion when thinking about homelessness?

8:55 – LifeMoves’ mission and programs

12:20 – what are the most pressing needs for initiatives?

13:30 – Common misconceptions

17:20 – what can people do to help?

18:10 – why Heather joined LifeMoves

18:55 – the most impactful stories from Heather’s time at LifeMoves

20:50 – Balancing systematic and individual solutions

24:45 – advice to college students on working toward a social mission with their careers and lives

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