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President Julie Sullivan: Being a Lifelong Learner

In this discussion, we had the pleasure of speaking with President Julie Sullivan as she walked us through instrumental moments throughout her life journey such as her upbringing in North Florida that sparked her passion for learning and planted the seed for her future as a teacher, how she made her decision to join SCU as our President, and her thoughts on strategic ways to build upon Santa Clara’s Jesuit reputation and pursuit of academic excellence.

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Interview Highlights

0:47 - For those who haven’t had the opportunity yet to learn about your story leading up to Santa Clara, can you share how you got to where you are today, starting with the early beginnings?

7:50 -  What is it that makes you passionate about teaching?

9:40 - What about Santa Clara made it the right choice for you in your career?

16:17 - After spending a few months with the staff, students, and faculty, what are some pain points that you’ve identified as plans of action for the near future of SCU?

25:25 - What are some of the key learnings and lessons you gained throughout your career that you hope to bring to Santa Clara’s community?

29:00 - How would you define success in your term as President? When your time comes to a close, what do you envision the University looking like?

33:18 - As we, and many other students prepare to graduate in the coming months, what advice would you have for us as we embark on this career journey?

34:21 - For students that are about to graduate from high school, why should they consider Santa Clara as their undergraduate destination?

36:27 - VOSC custom questions.

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