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Sallyanne Tejan & Jaya Kapoor: Let's Get Social

In this episode, Sallyanne Tejan and Jaya Kapoor walk us through how they made the most out of their Santa Clara experience, socially. With stories reminiscing on their first time meeting over lunch after DMing on Facebook, their journey through Greek life, notorious darties within the SCU community, off-campus venues to visit, and hilarious memories from The Hut and Bronco Bars, you’ll get an inside look into how social SCU really is behind the scenes.

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Interview Highlights

0:54 - What has your social life been like at SCU thus far?

3:25 - What were some of the factors that made you want to join Greek life?

6:10 - What does the sorority rushing process look like?

9:00 - What made you pick the sorority that you are in now?

10:29 - What are some of the best nights you’ve had at SCU?

11:48 - Off campus partying favorites.

13:13 - How would you characterize social life at Santa Clara?

17:22 -  Memories from The Hut and The Bronco Bar.

20:36 - What would you recommend to incoming freshmen for them to make the most out of their SCU experience, socially?

22:19 - VOSC custom question!

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