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Going Clubbing: Latinx Student Union

Maria De La Lima is a junior double majoring in Child Studies and Ethnic Studies. She is the Co-Chair for LSU.

Nathalie Medina (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Biology and Public Health with a Spanish minor. She is from San José, but her heart is from Chilchota, Michoacán, México. She is very close and involved with her culture which is why she loves saying that she is Michoacana with pride. Other than LSU, she is also active in Hermanas Unidas (Public Relations), Ballet Folklorico, Sigma Omega Nu, and the first-gen program at SCU, LEAD.

Tonight we’re Going Clubbing again and this time Antonio invites Maria De La Lima and Nathalie Medina to represent the Latinx Student Union! In this discussion they elaborate on the importance of inclusiveness of all Latin countries, promoting allyship within the MCC, having familias in LSU, the strong bond of concilio, maintaining engagement from LSU members in a virtual setting, fostering a safe space for people to express themselves, and highlighting the Latinx culture.

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Interview Highlights

1:30 - How did you get involved with LSU and transition to leadership within the club?

5:05 - How do you foster that inclusive environment for the Latinx culture?

7:20 - In what way did LSU showcase allyship during the BLM protests in 2020?

10:50 - What steps did your club take to adapt to the virtual environment and maintain engagement from LSU members?

15:30 - What are some of your most cherished moments from being in LSU?

20:07 - What do you believe is the significant impact that LSU has had on campus culture?

22:02 - As an executive member of LSU, what would you say is your mission and what do you want students to know about LSU and what it has to offer?

25:52 - VoSC custom questions.

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