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Going Clubbing: KSCU Radio

Molly “Mo” Tucker is a junior at SCU : student by day, radio general manager by night. KSCU is the only organization that is active 24/7, airing all the time, which means she’s constantly on her toes and ready to serve. She loves being part of an organization that cherishes all walks of love, life, and tastes of music. Her life is centered around exploration and living to the fullest - KSCU helps her do just that by meeting new people, exploring new music, and loving every second of it, which are just a few of the many perks of being her!

In this Going Clubbing episode, we invite the General Manager of KSCU, Molly “Mo” Tucker, to indulge in the value that KSCU brings to the SCU community, where her interest in radio management came from, the lessons/skills she’s learned by being in this leadership position, the application process to become a DJ, providing a platform for local artists, and cultivating a welcoming environment for KSCU members.

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Interview Highlights

1:35 - Can you tell us a little bit about KSCU radio and what the radio station brings to the SCU community?

3:15 - What made you interested in joining the KSCU radio station crew and ultimately rising to the general manager position? Where did this interest in music come from?

5:33 - What does your position as the general manager of KSCU entail and what lessons/skills have you developed through spearheading this student run station?

7:47 - How has your experience been so far with KSCU and what would you say is your favorite moment from your time with the radio station thus far?

9:50 - From the outside looking in, the KSCU staff looks like a fun group of people. How important is cultivating that welcoming atmosphere for the radio station’s staff and you as the general manager?

11:23 - Considering that we have all been at home for several months at this point, how has the radio station been impacted by the shift to virtual interaction?

15:07 - And for the listeners who may be interested in joining the KSCU crew, what does the application process look like? How can someone be a part of the movement?

17:40 - KSCU’s slogan is “The Underground Sound” which I absolutely love. But, my question is: how is KSCU embodying this slogan with their presence? What initiatives have been put in place to live up to this promise of being “The Underground Sound”?

21:30 - What would you say is your mission as an executive member of KSCU? What do you want students to know about the radio station and what it has to offer?

23:13 - VoSC custom questions.

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