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Being Black At A P.W.I (Pt. 1): Brianna Mireku

Brianna Mireku is a junior at SCU majoring in psychology and minoring in public health and Spanish. Currently, she is on the pre-med track and plans to work in the field of obstetrics, becoming an OB-GYN. Her dream and identity as a Black woman are extremely important to her. Being a voice for her community is one of the most rewarding things in her life, as it has revealed what her true passions are.

As the first installment of our Black Student at a P.W.I series, we bring Brianna Mireku to discuss the lack of black representation in the medical field, the experience of a black woman attending a predominantly white institution, the necessity of cultural inclusion, the Black Lives Matter movement, goals for raising awareness about SCU’s black student union, and the black excellence scholarship fund.

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Interview Highlights

1:15 - A college education is immensely important and beneficial to success in professional settings, but besides these aspects, what other motivating factors led you to pursue a higher education?

2:40 - Why the STEM field?

6:38 - What has been your experience as a black student attending a predominantly white institution?

11:30 - Do you feel that the university has accommodated your needs effectively? Why or why not?

14:21 - Considering that the black students at SCU are a relatively small percentage of the school's population, do you feel an obligation to be a profound voice for the black students at SCU?

17:15 - For those that are unfamiliar, what is Igwe and why is this organization an important part of your life as a black student and the black student body as a whole?

24:47 - Could you speak about some of the goals that Igwe has for the upcoming years in regards to student life, relationships with the administration, and the local community?

28:23 - One of the prominent milestones that Igwe plans to reach is to establish a scholarship fund for black students. Can you elaborate on the scholarship’s purpose and the desires of the black community of SCU?

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