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Being Black At A P.W.I (Pt.2): Isaac Addai and Kaylen Chase

Isaac Addai is a rising Senior from Rialto, California majoring in Political Science with a minor in Theatre, and is a member of SCU’s Men’s Soccer Team. Since recording this podcast, Isaac has been involved in making tangible policy changes within the university for the Black community. Isaac has also been reaching out to Black focused organizations within the greater Bay Area in order to establish a networking system that will live beyond his time at the university. He wants to remind you to find peace in these times of unrest and to live a purposeful life.

Kaylen Chase is a rising sophomore from Los Angeles, California majoring in Political Science and Economics. Since recording this podcast, Kaylen has engaged in conversations about long overdue changes needed to create a more equitable society with leadership at SCU, a Santa Clara County Supervisor, and faculty from her high school. Kaylen finds great beauty and strength in being a Black woman as well as doing what she can, while also encouraging others, to create the world we wish to live in. She wants to remind you to fill out the 2020 Census and exercise your right to vote!

In the second installment of Being Black At A P.W.I, we bring on Isaac Addai and Kaylen Chase to break down a couple of first-hand experiences of Black students at SCU. With differing perspectives as a senior and sophomore respectively, Isaac and Kaylen highlight the necessity of learning about politics, dealing with systemic racism in academia, the burden of being the “Black voice”, the significance of unity within the Black community, and the creation of the Black Excellence Scholarship.

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Interview Highlights

4:43 - Indulging in political science and how this academic sector can enable you to learn about the world around you.

9:40 - Experiences with microaggressions and bigotry at SCU.

14:09 - Santa Clara’s ability and effort to accommodate the needs of Black students on campus.

19:16 - The subconscious obligation to be the “Black voice” at SCU and the hardships that come with this burden.

31:13 - The importance of uplifting and reinvesting into the Black community when we obtain success.

35:05 - The essence of Igwe and its significance in the lives of Black students on campus.

40:35 - Igwe’s mission to expand its network with Black students attending neighboring universities such as San Jose State, Stanford, Berkeley, etc.

47:40 - The new Black Excellence endowed scholarship at SCU and how it came about.

52:32 - VOSC custom questions.

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