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Going Clubbing: Associated Student Government

Ciara Moezidis is a senior from San Jose, CA, and is double majoring in political science and communication with an Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern minor. She is quite active on her campus and is currently serving as the 2020-2021 Student Body President. During her time at SCU, she was a Community Facilitator, Co-Founder/Co-President of IGNITE SCU, and a member of the University Honors Program. She interned for Congressman Ro Khanna in Washington, D.C. through the Panetta Congressional Internship and volunteered in Cusco, Peru through the Jean Donovan Fellowship. In her free time, she enjoys coffee shop hopping, baking, salsa dancing, and learning new languages.

In the next installment of our Going Clubbing series, Darius invites the student body President Ciara Moezidis to learn more about the Associated Student Government (ASG). In this discussion, they cover Ciara’s background, how she got involved with the organization, the impact of virtual learning on her senior year, the essence of ASG, her childhood, the experience as a student body President, the qualities that make a great leader,  and much more!

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Interview Highlights

0:55 - Could you give us a quick background about who you are and why you chose to get involved with ASG?

2:55 - How has it been having to adjust to a virtual learning environment during your senior year of college?

4:53 - What is ASG and how can someone become involved with the organization?

7:31 - Growing up, were you always interested in leadership?

10:18 - What was your experience like as a first-year participating in that campaigning process for ASG?

12:30 - What does the role of a student body president entail and what advice would you give to anyone that is interested in this role?

15:54 - Given covid, institutional, and social issues, what main problems are you tackling as the ASG student body president?

19:59 - What do you enjoy most about leading the ASG organization?

21:50 - What do you think from your personal experience makes a great leader?

25:13 - Are there any other roles that you’ve been involved in that developed the skills necessary for your current role?

27:56 - Looking back at your four years at SCU, what advice would you have for students to navigate the college experience?

31:20 - What lasting impact do you want to leave on the university as a whole and what growth do you envision ASG experiencing in the future?

35:00 - VoSC custom questions.

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