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Brian Buckley: Philosophy

for Everyday Life

Brian Buckley is a senior lecturer in the philosophy department and has taught at Santa Clara since 2007. His research focuses on the philosophy of law, political philosophy and applied ethics.


In this conversation, we touch on the importance of studying philosophy and the impact philosophy can make on everyday life. Brian shares his perspectives on how philosophy can help you rethink your behavior and make you a more thoughtful, ethical person.

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Interview Highlights

“When you look back on your life, if you have 24 hours left to live, virtually everything you think about will something talked about in philosophy. You’ll be thinking about your relationships, what kind of citizen you were, if you made the world a better place, whether there’s a God, whether your soul will live on, your regrets, what was the meaning of your life. Every single one of them is a philosophical question. You live all your life ignoring the very questions that at the end of your life are most profound to you. And you began your life as a philosopher. Why is the sky blue? Why do people die? What are dreams for? Every single one is a philosophical question. The very nature of a human is philosophical.”

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